Greetings from India, to all of my brothers and sister in Christ,

There’s just so much to share about my past three weeks in India, although it feels like months have passed. By God’s mighty hand, so much has been accomplished, which I am grateful for. As always, God works in His own time and in His own way. Day by day, I am reminded of the necessity and importance of surrendering everything to Him. Not by my my will, but His will be done. When one ‘thinks’ they have a specific set of plans and activities to pursue, at times, God seems to have different ideas. So as I lay down my agenda, I pick His up. I fully trust His leading and continue to be faithful as He teaches me patience.  Also, I continually remind myself,  this is India and things get done here in Indian time.

I am so very grateful that my wonderful friend, Cheryl Nikkel, could join me for a week here as we visited the children and families  living at the nearby trash dump site . She has such an amazing heart for these children and I’m so thankful for our time here together.  We spent precious moments, playing, teaching them action songs and sharing with them much treasured fruit. We also purchased various favorite foods such as rice, dhal, and cooking oil which we gave out to needy families in the area.

The children are as just precious as can be!! We just loved spending time with them! Their giggles and laughter are so contagious.  After praying about it and seeking God‘s wisdom, we have felt led to expand our outreach to the special needs of these children who are living at the dump sites. Some are orphans, some are semi-orphaned and have only one parent or possibly a grandparent who cares for them. They are so eager to receive attention, love and care, as well as proper healthcare.  We have prayerfully decided to welcome them into our home also. Along with this plan, we are continuing to reach out to young mothers in the community who continue to be ostracized from their surroundings because of their decision to have given their child life instead of abort them, which they felt pressure from their families to do.  Therefore, in order to meet the needs of these infants and toddlers, we are opening a home in that area as well. A Christian family offered their vacant home to us for only $140/ month. We have secured the lease and began the work getting the home ready.  An amazing godly couple will be managing/directing this home. I met with and interviewed other potential staff today and will spend a week training the child care providers soon. We are planning to open around the second week in March.  In time, it is our plan to also train these young mothers in various skills such as tailoring, computer skills, and crafts such as handbag making. But, one step at a time.

We continue to wait patiently for the infant license, when we will be hopefully given permission to take abandoned infants from hospitals, police stations, our blessing box, and so on.

I want to thank you so much for your faithful prayers for my time here and for these children and mothers who so desperately need to know the truth and love of Jesus. Pray that I will be able to endure the hundreds of mosquitoes bites, and that they don’t affect me physically.
And please continue to pray for the staff and those involved in bringing the Hope that Jesus offers to each and every one of these, His beloved  children.

In His Service,