In the quiet of my mornings, after putting on a fresh pot of coffee and while eating a small breakfast, I often spend just a few moments in God’s Word or I open a small devotional to help give some sense of direction and encouragement to my day as I take on the tasks ahead. I eagerly opened my devotional this particular morning and read the title of the message, “When Dreams Die.” You see, at this point in my life, because of the loving Father He is, I had given over complete trust to Jesus, allowing Him to work in my life in His most awesome and faithful ways, in whatever path that would lead. Therefore, when I first read this title, I let out a deep sigh as I thought to myself, ‘Okay, Lord…Is this devotion preparing me to give up my dream, my hope, to one day start a home for helpless and abandoned orphans…to bury it…to let go of this calling that I have felt a passion for since I was a little girl?’ I continued reading and the Bible verse quoted was John 12:24. “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” This piqued my curiosity, so I kept reading, thinking maybe this was written just for me and ready to hear whatever it was my Lord wanted to share. To my surprise, this devotion was not at all about abandoning hopes and dreams, which was my first inclination. It was rather about taking the time to seek out His desires, being intentional about maintaining and building relationships, being patient in the preparation, and resting in the peace that only He provides, which surpasses ALL understanding. It was more about letting our dreams die and in a sense taking up the cross, and giving them up and over to Jesus. It went on to say that some of our dreams are sown for future generations to reap. They may be an investment in a future we may never actually see or…have not seen just yet. We truly just need to continue trusting Him as we draw closer and closer to Him each and every day….and then watch what grows even from the sometimes painful planting of our lives experiences.

As I look back, I can more clearly see how patiently my Lord placed, one by one, each and every piece of my life’s puzzle together to bring me to where I am today. Although at times I had doubts during those moments that brought about pain and heartache in my past, I never stopped trusting. He is truly amazing to me!

I have always adored children much like Jesus cares for and loves each and every one of His precious children. Ps 68:5 says that we are to be the father to the fatherless, and in James 1:27, He commands us to look after the orphans in their distress, their time of desperation. He is passionate about making sure that every one of His children are cared for, loved, and nurtured. After pondering these thoughts all day long, I got down on my knees that evening. It was then that I decided to lay my dreams down and to fully surrender them over to Him and sincerely prayed with open hands before me, “Here I am Lord. I am yours. Use me and send me wherever it is you would so choose.” A simple prayer. One He unexpectedly answered in just days that followed.

After spending much of the next week in prayer, not long after, the Lord answered! In His goodness and loving mercy He has created the awesome opportunity to start a children’s home in southern India, a place that is very dear to me, and where I previously taught school. It has been truly amazing to see how our God, in His timing, makes dreams become a reality when they are His desires too. Through a lot of research, patience, and planning, not to mention God’s divine intervention, we are actually opening a children’s home this year. The Lord has brought amazing godly individuals into my life who have a similar purpose and desire to provide a loving, nurturing home for the children of India who are left with no one. Together we are working to bring life and the light of Jesus into their lives. I am excited about what the next steps will bring. I have learned that as we surrender our hopes and dreams to the Lord, trusting in Him completely for our future, He will show us the way. Obedience in what the Lord lays on our hearts is never a waste. It is an investment in the lives of others. If He lays it on your heart, He will see it through. We would appreciate your prayers as we seek to follow His direction in our lives as we work to make this dream a reality.

Ms. Dia