Imagine riding down a dusty road on a three wheeled motorbike, called an auto rickshaw in India, constantly swerving between cars, bikes, oxen driven carts, and countless people. No one is really paying any attention to the traffic rules and there’s never a moment of silence as honking is the best way to communicate in such unpredictable traffic patterns. Stray dogs are often seen running around and cows lay in the midst wherever they please, while goats cross the path on the road in front of you.  A strong odor of decaying trash or sewage carried by the wind hits your nose but changes almost immediately of the strong spices of curry, roasting corn,  and other spicy Indian foods found being sold near the roadside at a local tea stall. This is a typical day in India. The houses and outfits being worn are so very bright and beautiful, but the culture so dark as the need for Jesus is so prevalent. The Hindu religion is mainstream; brightly decorated temples can be found multiple places along the road, while Christian churches are rarely seen. God loves all of His people, each and every one without limit and I am grateful for the opportunity to carry His love and word of the Gospel to a place of true need.

For many years I have felt God’s call in my life to love and care for orphaned, abandoned, or destitute infants with special needs. As I strive to daily surrender to Him to work His wonders in my life,  I am amazed that even when plans don’t exactly turn out as I had initially intended, He can be trusted!  It’s an unreal feeling to witness God move in His own way and His own time and to know, without a doubt,  that you’ve just experienced his intervening hand!  It’s these exciting new ministry updates regarding our Home in India, that I share. After a lot of inquiries and investigations, we have been truly blessed with a  home for these little ones. It is one that was built quite a few years ago for the children of doctors and nurses who were missionaries in India. It has since closed since the visionary has retired, yet now will still carry the same ministry to love and care for children.  We are just beginning to get the home all set up which will include lots of cleaning, painting rooms, purchasing supplies such as baby beds, bottles, baby food, and much more, as well as setting up the kitchen, the nursery and living area as well.

I would really appreciate each and every one of your prayers as we prepare the home to love and care for these needy infants as well as some of their mothers who are in desperate need of love and protection, and a new start, as we share the life-changing message of Jesus with those who need Him.

I thank you so very much not only for your financial support, but also for your amazing prayers.

May Jesus continue to fill you with His Joy and Peace!

India Photo Gallery

See the children, volunteers and one of Keaton’s Angel Homes in India.